More than 40 years accompanying athletes have allowed us to know them and diversify our portfolio, becoming the Colombian sports brand with the greatest share in the sports market.

Balls, accessories, skates, tennis shoes, cleats, soccer shoes and sportswear are the product lines that today strengthen the presence of our brand with more than 350 distributors nationwide.

Industrial: Sports

We come up with cost-effective and innovative solutions for the market with a portfolio of specialized polymers, such as: EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) in sheets, injection pellets, rubber, flooring and insulation for the electrical sector.

Industries: Sports, recreation, infrastructure, energy, agribusiness, footwear, medical, mining, orthopedics, military, automotive.

We optimize continuous conveying processes through the manufacture of special belts, consulting services and a complete portfolio of high quality products.

Industries: Logistics, manufacturing, construction and industrial.

We advise, design, manufacture and install braces, insulators and expansion joints. Providing safety and optimizing the design of different types of structures, in compliance with current national and international technical standards.

Industries: Construction and infrastructure


Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, United States, Curacao and Colombia.

Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Costa Rica

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Years of experience in the development of innovative solutions in elastic polymers