80% of the rubber used comes from renewable sources

Social responsibility and sustainability Grupo Y

Grupo Y, with its Strategic Business Units, underpinned by the ample recognition of its customers and stakeholders, has focused its strategies on the well-being of its employees, families and the environment, ensuring a significant contribution to sustainable development.

At Grupo Y, we understand that sustainability is the “set of economic, social and environmental conditions that favor the presence and development of a company in a mutually beneficial relationship with society”.

This is why, through social responsibility audits, business ethics and environmental commitment programs, the need for a change in the business model has emerged for the participation of all employees and stakeholders in the following programs:

Sustainability management and programs


Water management

Comprehensive Ordinary Waste Management Program

GAE Program


Participation in the planting and awareness program on the importance of caring for water of the CAR (Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cundinamarca)

5s Program

Hazardous Waste Management Program


Human Rights

Transparency and business ethics

Work Environment

Research and Development

Responsible Sourcing

Regulatory Management

Tax and regulatory compliance